BBT is a Denmark-based business consulting company, established in 2009 by Nicolas Nilsen, a highly respectable business entrepreneur and thought leader across the Scandinavian market.

BBT provides discrete business and strategic consulting services to wide-range of companies across the globe, helping leading entrepreneurs and top ranking managers reach their business goals.

Our high-level, creative and innovative business solutions aim to allow clients gain competitive edge and resolve complex business challenges, in their way to become market leaders in their field of expertise.

Drawing on BBT's hands-on industry experience, we assess your main business hurdles and opportunities, while delivering your organization with clear-cut business strategy for long-standing growth.

As part of our desire to anticipate upcoming business challenges and provide wise practices to successfully meeting them, we deliver each client with tailor-made consulting solutions from planning to completion.

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Our Team

BBT was established by Nicolas Nilsen, highly experienced business entrepreneur and practitioner, who led throughout his rich career a wide-range of business ventures from idea to market.

Believing that our employees are our most essential asset, we bring aboard only highly experienced, talented and dedicated business professionals, which apply their informed perspective to each business challenge facing our global clientele.

Among our certified business consultants are financial analysts, economists, business development consultants, business strategy planners, risk management analysts, marketing consultants, sales advisors and top financial consultants

Why Us?

Our Insights 

We are always on the lookout for upcoming market trends, opportunities and risks to feed our growth-generating business insights.  

Our Expertise

We hold deep industry experience, profound professional knowledge and practical business practices that spur business growth. 

Our Record 

We hold steady track record of business success and present our global clients with diverse practices to gain long-term business growth.

Our Services

We deliver our clients with productivity boosting business practices, specially targeted to meet their needs and challenges. 

Our Team 

We employ only highly talented professionals that hold deep hands-on industry experience in global business markets. 


In BBT, we believe that in today's highly dynamic business environment, it is imperative to equip oneself with a detailed business plan, which anticipates upcoming challenges and can be rapidly adapted to changes inside your inner and outer business ecosystem.

After meticulously analyzing your business circumstances, we will furnish your business with customized business solutions, addressing your unique set of needs and organizational challenges.

Our extensive business consulting services deals with the following issues:

• Business analysis

• Market entry planning

• Business modeling

• Revenue optimization

• Mergers and acquisition management

• Business strategic planning

• Budget planning

• Cash flow management

• Senior managers coaching

• Supply chain optimization

• Marketing planning

• Sales teams and plans structuring

• Tax policy planning

• Risk management and business crisis resolution


BBT believes its power and long-standing success belongs to its wonderful and highly experienced team of business professionals.

To keep this success coming, we always look to enhance our to begin with excellent consulting team, with top talents and from the global business market.

For our global consulting project, involving companies from the fields of technology, consumer goods, renewable energy and biomed, we are now looking for excellent business development, marketing and sales experts.

To apply, please fill our short job application form below. We'll review your job application, and will contact eligible candidates.

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